Learn Python.

Which programming language you should learn and why?

Gone are the days when we heard about the growing popularity of programming languages such as Java, C, C++, and C#. Even though these are still relevant, with the changing times emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has made Python emerge as one of the most popular programming language technology aspirers are willing to learn. Even though there are a wide variety of languages available for programmers that can be used to build applications and websites, recent studies have suggested Python having a leading advantage compared to the rest of programming languages such as Java and C++, etc. The relevance of the  Python programming language in machine learning has made it a more significant language to learn among IT students and IT professionals. The year 2020 has been so far the year of Python programming language.

Let’s take a detailed look into some of the key reasons why we think Python programming should be the one you should start learning without any delay.

Ease of Learning

If you are a beginner and think Python is quite complicated to learn, then you are wrong. For beginners, it should be their foremost choice. Thanks to its simplified syntax and its greater insistence on natural language. The codes can be written with ease and can be executed quickly compared to the rest of the programming languages. Since it is designed as an interpreted language, it gives more access to developers who wish to experiment with changing the code base of Python as and when required.

Developer Community that spans 3 decades

Whether you are a beginner software developer or an experienced software developer, there is a strong Python community of experts which has grown in large numbers ever since the   Python programming language came in to being thirty years ago. Interested learners can become a part of various forums within the Python programming community. An ample number of guides, video tutorials and documentation is also available for reference.

Efficient and Reliable

Python is one programming language that users can be assured of enhanced performance. Most of the developers working on the   Python programming language are supportive of the immense efficiency and reliability it offers them. The significant lack of performance loss issue while working with Python programming platforms serves the general opinion among the technology experts of its versatility and speed.

Preferred Tool for Emerging Technologies

We are all witnessing the era of emerging technologies such as machine learning, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Grid computing, quantum computing, and AI. Python is consistently playing a significant role in emerging technologies as it has the recognition of being the second popular tool used for data science and analytics. Python tool which powers the emerging technologies are transforming and enhancing the processes and workflows of various organizations across the globe. The ability to analyze data and the flexibility to organize data during the research and development process is powered mostly with the help of Python.

Provides Creative Space for Developers

One of the key advantages of the   Python language is the flexibility it gives for software developers in trying something new. Developers do not have to work on the same kind of things. Instead, they can have their own creative space to try coding differently than before. Developers have the flexibility to build any kind of application using Python language which makes it distinct compared to other competitors in a similar segment.

Python in Education Sector

Due to its immense application in Artificial Intelligence, the education industry is giving more importance to Python among students who wanted to learn programming and the various aspects of data science, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. Technology experts predict Python to become a fundamental part of the programming and the student aspirants who are eager to learn computer and IT courses.


Above mentioned are some of the few reasons why Python has become one of the most sought-after programming languages among IT enthusiasts and the IT industry as a whole. As the world is struggling to cope up with the impact due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online course learning from home has become the new way of learning new programming courses.

Edure, a leading data science training institute in Trivandrum is offering Python programming courses online at an affordable cost. The three-month interactive online course is designed to develop data programming skills among students or IT professionals who are looking to get a lucrative IT job as a Python programmer. Interested students can get in touch with us through email or call and one of our representatives will be happy to help you know more about our online Python course.

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