A Look Into Data Analyst And Data Mining !

Let's dig into another interesting most searched topic, that is, on the difference between 'Data Analysis and Data Mining'!

Although, data mining and analysis are the two subspace of Business Intelligence, yet there is a major difference between the nature of their works and functions. Let's make the concept more clear to you by breaking down their behaviour of work:

  • Data Mining is commonly known as the Knowledge Discovery in Databases, where with a systematic process, a scientist will discover and identify hidden patterns and information from the dataset. In the Data Analysis on the other hand, a scientist will be required to extract, clean, transform, model and finally visualize the uncovered data to derive a conclusion that will help in decision-making. Let's make it more simple, Data Mining is basically a process of finding specific patterns from large datasets, while a Data Analysis is a process of arranging raw data into more meaningful insights, that helps in taking appropriate decisions.

  • Secondly, where Data mining seeks the involvement of Machine Learning, Statistics and Databases for its functional execution, while on the other hand, Data analysis requires the functions of not only Statistics, Machine Learning, but also seeks the knowledge of Computer Science and Mathematics at its area of expertise

  • There are different types of functions in Data Analysis such as exploratory, descriptive, text analytics, predictive analysis, even data mining and much more. While on the other side, Data Mining defines its functions in the most simplest form as 'Knowledge discovery in databases'

  • A Data Mining specialist builds algorithm using Machine learning to extract meaningful patterns in the data, in simple words, it's a one man army that works single handed to discover and find structures in the data, while in the Data Analysis, the works requires a group of analysts to perform the functions like transforming the raw data, developing models and finally integrating the information in a visualization form using charts, graphs or non-charts.

  • Final difference would be in the execution output, that is, the functional output in the Data mining would be 'data pattern', where in Data analysis, it would be 'the insights on data'

    Usually many people get confused between the functions of Data Analysis and Data Mining, some even consider the two as same, so that's why we have used this space to make the picture more clear to you. If you have some how missed our previous blogs, please log in to our website and freely look for what you have missed!

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