React Native to build your own Mobile App

We use different mobile phones from android, apple to windows, have you ever wondered the applications in our handset how they operate? Well, the mobile application's performance based on the framework in which it is built. Also, there may be several frameworks available out there, but React Native tops the list for particularly making mobile app a perfect one to perform.

React Native is an open source framework used for creating cross platform mobile applications, 
which widely used and highly preferred by Developers across mobile platforms, be an Android developers, Window's phone developer or be it an Apple/iPhone developer; React Native is voted as one of the most popular cross-platform mobile application development frame work. Well, React Native is a technical term given to this framework, it is originally an open source framework of JavaScript based on Js and React. Now you might be wondering, why this framework is preferred over others, or why choose React Native for mobile app development or even what future does this framework hold? Then, let's dive little deeper into the features, to make the picture more clear:

  1. Cross-platform compatibility
    Initially, React Native built for the development of iOS applications, later considering the amusing demand for its amazing features Facebook decided to introduce it for the Android application development as well.

  2. Faster Development cycle
    React Native let developers to build applications much faster as compared to other frame works. It has become popular among the community of the developers in a short span of time for its faster development cycle.

  3. Multiple outcomes and under one undemanding solution
    Facebook has provided this framework a UI library so that it could make more simple codes in order to implement and execute React JS. There will be a ‘Live Reload’ feature to a mobile app developer in it's core. With the help of this, you can make changes on time as well as the changes at the time when the app is getting loaded.

  4. Helpful in tight-budget constraints
    Every business wants a faster return after investing money. In that case, hiring React Native developer for mobile app development could be a smart choice to make.

  5. Open-source
    Another significant feature of React Native is that it has a large community of efficient developers who are regularly working on elements like bug fixing, feature improvement and helping people to use it conveniently.

  6. Native functionality
    Reactive Native is a framework that can perform like any native app. The React Native is more popular for its keyboard behavior, scroll accelerations, usability, and animations. Additionally, the user interface will be developed by React Native includes native widgets which help in a flawless performance.

  7. Live Updates
    The live update feature is one of the best features of implementing React Native in app development. Java script helps the developers to push or pop up the updates directly in the mobile phone of the users instead of making them going through the app store update cycle.

  8. Reduce the time to write code
    React Native let developers to reuse and reduce the code that is written in its big form,

  9. Covers two major ecosystems
    React Native covers two major platforms, which are android and iOS. The features of React Native let developers to build mobile applications on both platforms seamlessly.

  10. Simple to learn
    Another amazing feature of React Native is that it is highly readable and easy to learn due to its language fundamentals. It could be considered as one of the best tools for fresher developers who are new to Java script because it offers a wide variety of components consisting of maps and filters.

  11. Positive developer experience
    React Native offers an excellent positive developing environment. It let users to modify and implement the changes at the time when the app is working thus eliminating the need to restart.

As more and more developers are incorporating React Native in their mobile application development process, it has become the future of the mobile app development. According to a source, mobile apps will be generating a revenue of $188.9 billion, through in-app advertising and app stores by 2020. Even top notch tech companies like Walmart, Bloomberg, Facebook, Uber Eats, Instagram, Pinterest, Discord, Vogue are among the mobile applications that are built using React Native. Moreover, the continual demand for aesthetic appeal and seamless navigation of mobile apps have made it essential to adopt React Native for app development. So if you are thinking about a career scope in React Native, this is the prime time that you begin learning this framework.

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