Why React JS More Popular Than Angular JS ?

Choosing an apt JavaScript framework for the development of a web application is a daunting task when there is already a tug of war going on among the frameworks to be the most popular and most preferable one among the developers. Also, have you ever wondered how important it is to choose a suitable framework for the development of your project or application? Even though abeing the JavaScript frameworks, some frameworks gain more popularity than the others, like React is regularly used by 65percent while only 24 percent use Angular JS. However, before pondering on the critical difference between React JS and Angular JS, lets first give a thought on 'why JavaScript is so significant for the website development?' Do you know that as being a client side programming language, JavaScript is currently used by around 94.5% of websites! It even helps web developers tmake web pages more interactive by assigning custom client-side scripts, along with cross-platform run time engines to support server-side code in JavaScript. Well, it even let developers to create dynamic web pages through the seamless script integration into HTML and CSS. This is what makes it so important for modern web developers to learn how to leverage all the benefits of JavaScript! Hope you got an idea on the role of JavaScript in web development, now let shift our focus Why is React JS more popular than AngularJS in the front-end development of the websites.

Let's first give you a basic introduction to the two most popular JavaScript frameworks: React and Angular, to give a necessary understanding on these frameworks, that will further assist you in making an informed decision. Well, React JS is one of the most highly used open source library for creating User Interfaces(UI) and handling the view layer for web and mobile applications. It has a basic coding, clear syntax and even easy to render, while it also provides a simple solution to some front-end programming issues. Although, it is one simple to use framework, yet powerful and flexible enough to build a strong foundation and an attractive community, which is also growing very rapidly. Those who are looking for a simple programming language beyond Angular, should go for React, which will be an apt assistance for you to create an impressive web page. While, Angular js is basically an open-source tool for building the framework for application development. It will not only let you extend HTML components for your application, but also compatible with other libraries. With Angular js you can build features quickly while, it also lets you edit, modify or replace features as per your requirements.

Now you might be thinking why React gained more popularity than Angular JS? Well, Angular Js uses a two-way data binding which connects the document object model (DOM) values to model data. Whereas, React JS supports one-way binding, which minimize the risks of error. Moreover, the one-way data flow in React helps to control the complexity. So, it's becomes much easier for developers to debug the self-contained components of large React applications as compared to larger Angular JS applications. Angular JS offers low performance with complex and dynamic applications, where as, React JS creates its own virtual DOM, which enables faster performance. Companies like Instagram, BBC, Netflix, PayPal have been building interactive web applications with React JS. One of the most outstanding feature supported by React JS is that it is efficient, much easier to learn, offers a high-performance rendering of complex user interfaces and makes everything easier by using the virtual DOM concept by completely removing the need for state from any application. So if you are aiming for learning or advancing in JavaScript or looking out for a high profile career as a Front-end Developer, then React Js will be an apt assistance for you to create an impressive career!

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