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Django Full Course

"Master Django web development and unleash your creativity with this comprehensive full course!"

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Instructor: Shine Vijayan

Language: Malayalam

Validity Period: Lifetime



Django Full Course is an in-depth course that covers all the essential aspects of Django, a powerful web framework written in Python. This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Django's core concepts, models, views, templates, forms, and authentication. By the end of this course, you will have a solid foundation in Django development and be able to build dynamic and robust web applications.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn Django from scratch
  • Create models and database migrations
  • Work with views and templates for rendering data
  • Implement forms for user input and validation
  • Manage user authentication and authorization
  • Develop a complete web application using Django

What you will learn:

  • Django Introduction
    Get an overview of Django and its features.
  • Models and Database
    Learn how to define models and perform database operations using Django's ORM.
  • Views and Templates
    Understand how to create views and templates to handle requests and render data.
  • Forms and User Input
    Implement forms for user input, data validation, and processing.
  • User Authentication
    Learn how to manage user registration, login, and logout functionality.
  • Building a Web Application
    Apply all the learned concepts to develop a complete web application using Django.
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