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GitHub Mastery

"Unleash the power of GitHub: Master version control, collaboration, and automation to revolutionize your coding workflow!"

Instructor: Edure

Language: Malayalam

Validity Period: Lifetime

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GitHub Mastery is a comprehensive course that covers everything you need to know about using GitHub for version control and collaboration. Whether you're a beginner or experienced developer, this course will help you become proficient in using GitHub for your projects. From creating repositories to managing branches, pull requests, and resolving conflicts, you will learn all the essential concepts and techniques to make the most out of GitHub.

Key Highlights:

  • Understand the fundamentals of version control and why it is crucial for software development
  • Create, clone, and manage repositories in GitHub
  • Branching and merging strategies for effective collaboration
  • Collaborate with teammates through pull requests and code reviews
  • Resolve conflicts and handle issues efficiently

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to GitHub:
    Learn the basics of GitHub, including setting up an account, configuring repositories, and understanding the user interface.
  • Version Control with Git:
    Master the concepts of version control with Git, including creating a repository, committing changes, and using branches and tags.
  • Collaboration with GitHub:
    Discover how to collaborate with others using GitHub, including creating and merging pull requests, commenting on code, and resolving conflicts.
  • GitHub Workflow:
    Learn the best practices and workflows for using GitHub effectively, such as branching strategies, continuous integration, and code review processes.
  • GitHub Advanced Features:
    Explore advanced features of GitHub, such as using GitHub Actions for CI/CD, integrating with external services, and managing project boards and milestones.
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