Python Mastery
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Python Mastery

"Unlock the Power of Python with our Comprehensive Mastery Course - From Novice to Expert in Just a Few Short Weeks!"

Instructor: Girish

Language: English

Validity Period: Lifetime

₹10000 including 18% GST


A comprehensive course on Python programming language. The course covers fundamental concepts of Python, its built-in data structures, functions, OOP concepts, file handling, modules and more.

Key Highlights:

  • Learn Python from scratch
  • Hands-on coding exercises
  • Real-world examples and projects
  • Get ready for Python Certification

What you will learn:

  • Python Basics:
    Introduction to Python, data types, control statements and flow of control
  • Functions and Object-Oriented Programming:
    Functions, modules, classes, and objects
  • File Management:
    Working with files, file handling modes, file operations, and exceptions handling
  • Data Processing:
    Data validation, data cleaning, and data transformation
  • Python Libraries:
    Python libraries including NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib
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