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Python is one of the most sought programming languages by programmers across the globe. Python programming language was invented by Guido van Rossum in 1989. When Python language was introduced, it was welcomed by professionals and programmers across the globe. Python language gained popularity ever since its inception in the industry and become the most demanded language in the software industry.

What is Python Language?

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its high-level built in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it very attractive for Rapid Application Development, as well as for use as a scripting or glue language to connect existing components together. Python is more than just a programming language. It is a great place to begin if you are just starting to code with the popularity and versatility that Python bags.

Python is the fastest-growing language in terms of developers, libraries, and applications that it can be used for it could be machine learning, artificial intelligence, web development, or anything you can think of. The development of Python started out as a hobby for its creator because he wanted to make a language that was beautiful to look at and easy for everybody to read. To do this, he used indentations instead of curly braces to basically describe the blocks of code that came inside the language. The language went on but didn’t receive love as it was slow compared to the other programming languages. Now, with the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Python has come into the spotlight because it makes the work much more productive and much easier.

Python is considered to be the most popular language because of the following:

Easy to Use:
Python is the best language to get started off with. It’s easy syntax and high level features make it one of the best language for anybody to get started off with programming.
Free :
Python is an open-source language which means that it is free for anybody to use. There are thousands of programmers who come together online in making Python better and more efficient. You modify the code, you break the code, and you make the code. You are allowed to do it without any problems.
Python can be used for desktop, web, mobile application development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms.
Library and Support:
There is a huge community of people who come together to make the libraries or modules that can be used to obtain solutions. Just for example, machine learning algorithms are already available and you can use them to obtain your solutions better.

Features of Python Language

Python has made programming fun because it is simple. It makes you think more for your solution rather than the syntax.
Open Source Language:
Python is an open-source language which means that it is easy for anybody to use. Modifications to Python are also allowed without any problems.
Python supports portability which means that you can write your code and share it with anybody that you want to and it would work the same way as it does for you when you run the code. This makes movements of projects and systems much easier.
Embedding Properties:
Chances are that certain languages may perform certain functions better than Python but that does not stop you as Python suppose adding code of other languages into itself to run those functions, which makes Python all the more powerful.
Python is interpreted line by line, which means the management of memory and CPU and debugging of the code much more simple. If you wonder now whether Python is the language to get started off with, let me tell you that it is.
Huge Libraries:
Python has a huge library support which would help you to obtain solutions to your problems easier. You can get started off with data science and web development on the go with Python.
OOPs (Object Oriented Programming):
You may have questions like how do developers make applications that are so well related to a domain. That is because of object oriented concepts. Python supports OOPs meaning that you can model a real word problem into your code and have security for it such that access to them is restricted, which helps you replicate real world scenarios.

Where is Python used in the industry?

Because of its utter popularity and its features, Python language is used by major global companies or IT giants across the globe. Following are a few examples of companies that use Python :

  • Google is the most known tech giant who uses python to provide better search features to its users.
  • Dropbox is a cloud platform to save data online. Its client and server applications have been coded using Python.
  • Netflix uses machine learning with Python to learn the taste of its users, cluster them into groups, and then recommend them to retain them for longer.
  • The National Security Agency uses Python for cyber security analysis, and for encryption and decryption purposes.
  • The BitTorrent application which is used for peer-to-peer communication started out as a simple Python file.
  • NASA scientists use Python to perform calculations which helps them reduce time and makes their work easier.
  • Python is a very important language and it would be definitely beneficial if you start learning with.

Why choose Edure for Python Course in Trivandrum?

Edure is one of the best Python institute in Trivandrum. Edure is considered impeccable for providing Python certification to students and professionals. Students can study at the convenience of their time and Edure is rated high amongst institutes that provide Python training in Trivandrum.

How demanding is Python Course in Kerala?

Since Python development is a lucrative career, it is the most sought course by students. Edure provides Python course in Trivandrum. For more information, visit the Edure App.

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Yes, you most definitely can land a job after learning to code in python as it is one of the most sought-after skill in the 21st century.
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