Django is a powerful web development language and its enhanced security features makes it the best programming language. Edure is one of the best Django institute in Kerala which provides Django certification. Edure is considered impeccable for providing Django course to students and professionals. Edure’s online Django course in Trivandrum is considered to be the best. Students can study at the convenience of their time and Edure is rated high amongst institutes that provide Django training in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Django for Web Development

Creating websites has often been a challenge for programmers across the globe over years. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) has been the base of all websites and with time, new programming languages emerged. Django was such a programming language developed recently and its security and extensive libraries have helped Django to remain as the most powerful language for web development. Django’s SEO (Search Engine Oriented) feature and its high scalability become major advantages for Django development. Django is python powered and its default admin panel also raised its popularity for being the major web-related programming languages. Some of the few advantages as to why use Django for development is

Because of its model-view-template architecture

  • High security
  • Python powered
  • Default admin panel
  • Extensive libraries
  • SEO oriented
  • Offers rapid development
  • Highly scalable

Who should learn Django course in Trivandrum?

Django is the favorite language for web developers since its inception in 2003. Students who have passed secondary school education and those who completed graduation can look forward to learning Django language. Because of the huge popularity of Django language for web development, this is the most sought programming language by us.

What is the Scope of Django in the industry?

The scope of Django language in the industry is immense. Django language is the most sought programming language by the software industry because it is a powerful language for web development. The value of Django language in the software market will be very high and growth will be immense. As far as today’s software industry is concerned, Django is the best framework for web development; however, Django language is not recommended for larger projects. Edure provides the best Django training in Trivandrum, Kerala.

What is the average Salary of a Django Developer?

According to Glassdoor website survey, the average salary for a Django developer in India is Rs. 4,11,776 per year. After completion of the Django course, you can become a Django developer and you have the chance of getting placed in top companies like Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra etc.

What will you learn from this web development with Django Course?

You will learn Django from the very basics to the advanced. You will learn the basics of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap for the frontend, the functionalities and tools, and much more.

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  • Html
  • Css
  • Bootatrap 4
  • Introduction to Django
  • Features
  • Visual Studio Installation
  • Virtual Environment
  • Django Project Creation
  • Apps In Django
  • Views, Urls In Django
  • Static Website Creation
  • Django Models
  • Django Forms
  • Admin Panel
  • Login & Registration Page
  • Dynamic Data Passing In Html
  • Django Message Passing
  • Django Login & Log Out
  • Django Message Passing
  • Github Basics
  • Hosting/deployment
Bonus Features
  • Email Configuration
  • Login Credentail Email
  • Foreignkey Concept
  • Csv Converter
  • Quiz App
  • To-Do App

Django is a high-level python web framework for frontend development. It helps in easier front end development so that developers can focus on other aspects of content while development. It is open source, free and has an active community of developers behind it.

It is absolutely essential if you’re a front-end developer or looking to become one. The tools and utilities Django provides is top notch, it also provides excellent documentation, versatility and is highly scalable. It is pretty useful so to speak

If you’re comfortable with python environment, it’s easy to learn Django if you set your mind and time to it.

Edure offers advanced courses on Django and other frontend development software, full stack development courses etc. we also provide hands on projects and one-on one mentorship programs along with pre-recorded and live classes, all in an affordable package.
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